Joaquim Bongers https://www.facebook.com/Aquaponicsgeodome/

Joaquim Bongers is an aquaponics practitioner in Deventer, Netherlands. He has a geodesic dome where he is growing food aquaponically. He is passionate about aquaponics as a tool for sustainable global change.

Maribou Latour http://www.visionaryaquaponics.com

Maribou Latour is the founder of the Visionary Aquaponics podcast--a weekly show that brings diverse AquaPreneurs and AquaPioneers from all over the world to unite a budding industry and provide newbies with quality information. Her goal is to inspire a global aquaponics movement for food freedom and water wisdom. She believes in the power of aquaponics as a man-made ecosystem that mimics watersheds to provide an abundance of food and other products in a way that conserves an incredible amount of water.

Want to know more about aquaponics??? Have questions? Think you might try it yourself?


Then join us LIVE for an interview between Visionary Aquaponics and Joaquim Bongers from the Netherlands!!!! Joachim will be answering YOUR questions!


Listen as Maribou interviews Joaquim on his story about building a geodesic aquaponic greenhouse: Eigen Tuin in Huis (Your Own Garden in Home). 


We'll be talking all about the benefits of aquaponics and diving deep in to Joaquim's discoveries, failures, challenges, and lessons learned.


We'll also be discussing the future of this sustainable food production system which uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture, with no weeding, watering, pesticides or herbicides.


It's better than organic. Check it out!